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Food>> Spices

Allied Kenco Sales
A butcher supply house specializing in sausage and jerky making supplies and equipment. Extensive knowledge of seasonings, ingredients and sausage making techniques.
E.D. Foods
"Fun Food Facts", free samples, free soup personality test. Private label manufacturers of soups, soup bases, sauces, marinades, seasonings, as well as many other for the foodservice, foodprocessor, and retail grocery industries for 45 yrs.
The Essence of Emeril Lagasse spices online store. Spices, books, linguica, chourico(Portuguese Sausage) at good prices.
Gunpowder Foods
Unless you like it hot, don't go to this site. Gunpowder Foods, carries a large selection of hot spices, and sauces, all of which are ranked by heat levels.
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